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Original Music Composition

Carefully crafted music for films, games, advertising, and everything in-between. An eclectic collection of over thirty acoustic and electronic instruments, as well as an extensive library of computer-based tools, allows for the essence of any creative project to be captured in sound. Classical and contemporary training contribute to a musical product of the finest quality.

Authentic artistry makes all the difference.

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Recording & Production

A focus on holistic audio, from pre-production and field recording all the way through to mixing and mastering, results in a truly coherent product. An acoustically treated project studio equipped with high-end monitoring as well as a range of modern and vintage instruments and recording gear provides a diverse sonic palette to suit any mood or genre.

Creative integrity and attention to detail are essential.

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Post-Production & Music Supervision

A dynamic variety of audio possibilities, including sound design, foley artistry, audio cleanup, online audio content, music sourcing/licensing, and much more. Use versatile and creative auditory elements to take your project to a higher sensory level, and engage more deeply with your audience through the psychology of sound.

If you can hear it in your head, we can put it in your ears.


Selected Work

Score, sound design, final mix and master

Score and sound design

Score and sound design

Score and sound design

Score and sound design


Sample Compositions

The Cellar Door

Heart & Soul


The Road Less Travelled



Clients Past and Present

All audio content copyright of The Echo Department.


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Christopher Llewellyn Carter

Christopher has been an avid musician from the age of six, when he first picked up the violin. He has since explored a naturalistic method of musical development; adopting a variety of instruments (from the sitar to synthesizers), writing and playing in various projects, and acquiring a wide range of production techniques and compositional skills. Attaining a postgraduate degree in Psychology has also deepened his understanding of how sound in all its forms affects the mind.

A keen sense of experimentation and a broad spectrum of influences (ranging from classical minimalism and jazz to psychedelic rock and ambient electronica) are at the center of Christopher's musical style.


Christopher: +27 73 244 9212

Cape Town, South Africa